Short-stroke keys

Short-stroke keys are electronic keys with a 0.3 mm contact travel which provide a clear and tactile response over the entire key operation process. They are inserted into a PCB and form an input device in connection with a supporting plate and a customer-specific front membrane.

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Key cap

TK ø 7,4 | Order No. 70070001

Order NO.: 70070001

Key cap

TM ø 7,4

Order NO.: 70070002

Key cap

TL ø 7,4

Order NO.: 70070003

Key cap

TK ø 10

Order NO.: 70100001

Key cap

TM ø 10

Order NO.: 70100002

Key cap

TL ø 10

Order NO.: 70100003

Key cap

TK ø 15

Order NO.: 70150001

Key cap

TM ø 15

Order NO.: 70150002

Key cap

TL ø 15

Order NO.: 70150003

Key cap


Order NO.: 70150011

Key cap


Order NO.: 70150012

Key cap


Order NO.: 70150013

Short-stroke key for 1.3 N

KHT UT 1,3 N

Order NO.: 70714050

Short-stroke key for 2.6 N

KHT UT 2,6 N

Order NO.: 70724055

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