Tube Connecting System by RK Rose+Krieger

Tube connectors made of aluminum, plastic or stainless steel

RK tube connectors – the flexible alternative to welded connections
Clamp-on tube connectors from RK Rose+Krieger are a cost-efficient solution for the positive and easily detachable connection of a wide variety of systems – without the need for drilling and welding. Depending on application and the expected load, RK Rose+Krieger offers tube connectors made of plastic (Light Clamps), aluminum (Solid Clamps) or stainless steel (Robust Clamps) an. The Solid Clamps tube connector system also includes the RK monitor mounting for the fixation and ergonomic adjustment of monitors and touch screens used in industrial applications.

Product Highlights

  • Light Clamps – versatile and cost-effective tube connectors made of plastic.
  • Solid Clamps – tube connectors made of aluminum, diversity is the key
  • Robust Clamps – High-strength, stainless steel tube connectors

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