Support Arm Systems

Swivel arms are available either in the basic version or with two support tubes

Two different support arms/swivel arms are available, based on the load to be supported (monitor weight, torque support). The basic version has one support tube for loads of up to 10 kg , and the twin version has two support tubes for loads of up to 25 kg.

If the system is expanded to include the optionally available keyboard tray, then we would recommend using a twin-version support arm with two support tubes.

RK Rose+Krieger has expanded its support arm system for its RK monitor mounting with a telescopic support arm (basic length: 495 mm). In its extended state (720 mm), it is designed for monitors, display devices and operating terminals weighing up to 5 kg. With its new swivel arm, RK Rose+Krieger expands its combination options and enables greater ergonomic adaptation of end devices to the working environment.

For use as an individual support arm or as multiple support arm systems together in combination with RK monitor holders. This makes them ideal for use in control rooms where multiple monitors and display devices are frequently placed above or next to one other. The support arm telescope enables the quick and easy ergonomic arrangement of any number of monitors in a range of formats.

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