Cable Channel System

The BLOCAN cable channel system made from aluminum – added value in the detail

Fast assembly and perfect organization

Modern machines contain countless power, data and control cables, along with pneumatic hoses. In large systems, the total length of these can quickly add up to several thousand meters. Cable channels make it easier to organize and assemble these cables.

The BLOCAN® cable channel system made from anodized aluminum impresses not only with its attractive design, but also through a multitude of well thought out details, which offer the customer considerable added value and greatly facilitate their work.

The cable channels in sizes 40, 40×20, 40×80, 80×40 and 80×80 can be supplied as 6 meter bars or cut to length. They are also available with mounting holes, which is a new feature for aluminum cable channels. These can be very quickly attached to a BLOCAN® profile slot by means of a pivoting mounting clip.

Download PDF Catalog: Cable Channel


The cover of the cable channel can be opened by lifting or pivoting it.

Easy to open / excellent accessibility

The cable channels feature a cover that can either be removed by lifting it upwards or pivoted open by up to 90° along the length of the channel.

Separating strips create order in the cable channel.

 Separating strips create order in the cable channel

Order made easy. In addition to the pivoting cover, installers also value the optional plastic separating strips, which ensure that the individual hoses, signal lines and power cables in the cable channel can be easily separated and well structured. The separating strips also facilitate overhead assembly. When inserted in the cable channel, they prevent the installed cables and channels from falling out. The separating strips can be opened at any time to allow the installation of further cables.

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