We Are Phoenix Mecano – One Company… Infinite Possibilities.

We are pleased that this new year brings new challenges and opportunities for Phoenix Mecano! As a global leader in the enclosure and industrial automation industry, we made significant progress in 2018 – like using our easy-to-assemble RK Frameworks extruded aluminum construction system to create a moving basketball machine.

While this is a time for new beginnings, it is also important to look back and recognize how we got to be where we are now. We invite you to take a look back over the years with us, and learn more about how Phoenix Mecano came to be what it is today.

The Story of Phoenix Mecano

Our business journey began in 1990 when Phoenix Mecano was founded in Frederick, Maryland on the foundation of hard work, motivation, and the power of a simple idea. Our business continues to grow because of our industry-leading knowledge, engineering expertise, and diversity of value-added services.

Over 30 Years of Experience

As a global leader in the enclosure and industrial automation segments, we’ve been protecting and pushing forward the world’s innovations for over 30 years. Our family of products is well respected and trusted by some of the largest companies around the globe. This is due, in part, to the cultivation of a culture that consistently draws on deep engineering expertise and technical knowledge to allow us to solve complex challenges. Whether it’s medical, aerospace, alternative energy, or others sectors, we produce an extensive catalog of both specialized and standard products that help our customers solve their challenges – down to the smallest detail.

Customer-Centric Innovation

Customer-centric innovation is at the heart of our core values at Phoenix Mecano. We strive to bring our customer ideas to life, while simplifying and streamlining processes in order to maximize efficiency. We have cultivated a team-oriented culture that consistently refines ideas using the design thinking process, engineering expertise, and technical knowledge. Simply put, Phoenix Mecano is well-equipped to take your concept to completion!

Our Core Values

Our core values at Phoenix Mecano will always stay the same, but we will forever be learning, growing, and improving our resources, our people, and our processes. We will continue to build relationships with cutting-edge organizations all over the world, as well as form new ones with other leading businesses in the pursuit of innovation. Our goal is to “Get, Keep, Grow” – we not only seek to acquire new business relationships, but we strive to prove our worth, and in return, watch both our partners, and our organization, advance and succeed.

Our people are our greatest assets, and we focus on providing opportunities for our team members to develop their skills and knowledge so they can address customer challenges – no matter how complex or simple. By partnering with Phoenix Mecano, you can always “consider it done”. We know we’ll find the perfect solution for your application — on time, and on budget!

Our Vision

Our vision for tomorrow isn’t an exact science. We’re always finding ways to innovate and improve our process efficiency. Through various experiences with diverse client needs, we adapt, learn, and refine the way we do things to best serve our customers. We understand that getting the job done involves more than just teamwork – it requires a supportive and seamless team dynamic.

Invest in us for your next project and experience the Phoenix Mecano advantage! We always go the extra mile, even when all you need is a few more feet.

Our Brands