Phase IV Leap Sensor and Phoenix Mecano’s BOPLA Bocube Solutions: A Perfect Fit

When Phase IV Engineering, Inc began searching for the perfect enclosure solution for their revolutionary Leap Sensor, CEO Scott Dalgleish knew exactly what he needed. The problem he faced was finding the right balance of ruggedness, versatility, and aesthetics with ordinary enclosures.

Background Information

Phase IV Engineering is a wireless solutions company that designs and sells wireless IoT-connected solutions. The company, which has been serving industries for three decades, provides wireless solutions for industrial clients that want to monitor their equipment easily and effectively, such as for predictive maintenance, at a cost dramatically lower than standard hard-wired solutions. Phase IV sensors can be found in a wide range of applications, from  aerospace applications to manufacturing facilities. 

The Phase IV team designed the Leap Sensor. This modular, patented wireless solution is pre-configured for use right out of the box and features modularity and flexibility to adapt to any industrial need. Scott required an enclosure representing his company’s experience and professionalism while suiting the adaptable needs and ruggedness necessary for the challenging applications of the product.

Challenges Faced

When the Phase IV team began searching for an enclosure for his company’s signature Leap Wireless Sensor, they requested samples from around the globe but were not finding the right fit for the specific product needs. He wanted to stand out from the competition. “We needed an enclosure that communicated our engineering experience and expertise with a polished, finished aesthetic. I had been reviewing many enclosures, and not one of them sent the right message for this innovative product and our company. The enclosures needed to project innovative solutions and to communicate that Leap Sensors are a complete, polished industrial product.”

The Solution

After a conversation with the Phoenix Mecano team, Scott contacted the company and inquired about what enclosures they offered that would best fit his requirements.

Scott was interested in the product lines and began asking for samples of different models to find the best solution. Candice Rincon and Kristy Varnes, Phoenix Mecano’s Account Managers from our California facility, worked with our sales and engineering teams to evaluate Phase IV’s application, price point, and timeline for selecting the proper enclosure. They immediately began to work on compiling physical samples of enclosures they thought would be appropriate for the Leap Sensor. To help Phase IV visualize the completed product, Phoenix Mecano sent several options, including the BOPLA Bocube, which was the ideal solution for the Leap Sensors® product line.

Scott explains, “This enclosure, unlike many of the others I looked at previously, was clean and finished. It featured flexibility of the design and many of the features we needed to ensure usability. The enclosure features a modular construction to allow for unmatched customization for Phase IV industrial clients.”

“Our Leap Sensor is based on versatility,” Scott explains. “We do semi-customized wireless sensor applications. We designed the electronics to be adaptable so we can quickly and efficiently give our clients exactly what they want. We can house different-sized batteries, circuit boards, and more. The BOPLA Bocube’s hinged lid helps us customize our sensors even further.” 

Kristy remained in contact with Scott throughout the entire selection process, offering him Phoenix Mecano’s Value Added Services, including machining, service treatment, painting, branding, and assembly through our Maryland production facility. Understanding cost sensitivity, Phoenix Mecano’s sales team and BOPLA collaborated to ensure a mutually satisfactory price point to fit Phase IV’s budget. In addition, the BOPLA Bocube product was also brought in as safety stock to support Phase IV and reduce the lead times.

Leap Sensors pressure wireless sensor

The Results

Phase IV Engineering’s Leap Sensor has been winning contracts for their business not only because of the innovative and exceptional engineering of the product but also because the design of the BOPLA Bocube stands out from the competition with a polished, professional, finished look. Scott now feels the Leap Sensor sends a message about quality, professionalism, and style.

We remain in communication with Phase IV to ensure satisfaction with the BOPLA Bocube solutions and address any issues with the product should they arise. Scott’s partnership with us was the perfect match for the Leap Sensors® product, and he recommends them to any company seeking a clean, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing solution that looks professional and finished.

Scott says, Phoenix Mecano understands their market well, based on the features they have on their products. If you want your products to look finished and not like a prototype, Phoenix Mecano is the way to go.”

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