Phoenix Mecano Propels Audio Visual Imagineering to New Heights

In a recent interview with Joanne Young, Managing Director of Audio Visual Imagineering, the spotlight was on how Phoenix Mecano’s products, particularly the powder-coated black alpha colonne column lifting system, play a vital role in supporting their unique business needs. Audio Visual Imagineering specializes in creating laser shows for planetariums and other venues, providing a one-of-a-kind experience that captivates audiences.


Background and Services

Founded in 1978, Audio Visual Imagineering has evolved into a leading player in the field of laser projectors and planetarium shows. Over the years, they have expanded their services to include producing shows for corporations, planetariums, theme parks, special events, festivals, and their primary focus, planetariums.

Challenges and Solutions

Joanne Young shed light on the challenges they faced, particularly with regulations from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding laser height requirements. The collaboration with Phoenix Mecano was instrumental in overcoming these challenges. Their powder-coated black alpha colonne lifting columns provide the necessary height adjustment to comply with regulations and allow for seamless integration with other equipment in planetariums. Ms. Young highlighted the importance of this explaining, “Without meeting the government’s requirements we would be out of business.”

Benefits and Outcomes

The flexibility and reliability combined with the minimal need for repairs were also highlighted as key benefits of Phoenix Mecano’s lifting columns. They allow equipment to be raised and lowered as needed. This is a crucial feature in laser shows in theaters and planetariums. Ms. Young emphasized her pleasure with the company. She told us that she would recommend the company to other businesses, saying, “I would send them to [Phoenix Mecano]. It would be nobody else.”

Customer Support and Future Plans

Audio Visual Imagineering commended Phoenix Mecano’s customer support, highlighting the positive experiences and excellent customer service they’ve consistently had. Joanne Young expressed confidence in continuing to use Phoenix Mecano’s products, especially as the company plans to extend its influence through initiatives like Lasercamp, which introduces children to the art and science of laser shows.



The relationship between Audio Visual Imagineering and Phoenix Mecano demonstrates the crucial role that innovative and reliable solutions play in niche industries. As they continue to push the boundaries of laser show entertainment, Phoenix Mecano’s products stand out as a key facilitator, providing safety regulation compliance, and seamless integration in their groundbreaking installations.

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