Phoenix Mecano Bolsters Beaudry Interactive’s Innovative Lighting Project

Beaudry Interactive combines art and entertainment to create immersive experiences that audiences will love. In a recent interview, Alexis Cruz, Product Development Manager at Beaudry Interactive, discussed how working with Phoenix Mecano has advanced the company’s exciting Light Sprites project.

Beaudry Interactive's Innovative Lighting Project

Have you looked at a field at night and been mesmerized by the sight of thousands of fireflies? With Light Sprites, Beaudry aims to trigger that same sense of wonder. It’s an outdoor large-scale interactive lighting system inspired by how gracefully these insects light up the night sky. Cruz explained that fireflies “have a personality and they’re very curious.” Like those “lightning bugs,” Light Sprites respond to viewers’ movements and the surrounding environment. 

These impressive displays have already been seen in Los Angeles at the Natural History Museum and La Plaza Hispanic Heritage Museum. Designed to make once-in-a-lifetime moments, they can be enjoyed in many outdoor arenas including zoos and theme parks. They can also be used in high-end resorts and casinos.

Partnering With Phoenix Mecano Enhances Innovation

black cubed enclosure designed by Phoenix MecanoCruz stressed how important it is for b/i to work closely with partners like Phoenix Mecano. He told us, “Every time we look for a new partner, we like to make sure that we can collaborate closely with them.” This helps them secure crucial components for their Light Sprites system including the lightweight Rose Ex Polyester Enclosures that house and protect the system’s electronics and increase its safety. 

Cruz explained that these enclosures worked especially well for his product both because they were black which wouldn’t show scratches like metallic surfaces, and also because they were fiberglass which doesn’t conduct electricity, they’d “reduce any electrical risks.” Cruz also expressed how Phoenix Mecano made the entire process easy saying they, “had the advantage because they have great partners, all over, [and] they have been able to provide samples fairly quickly.” This allowed Cruz’s team the ability to “physically see, touch and test [the samples] in our shop to make decisions faster.”

“They have been very supportive of our company, and it’s been great to have a reliable partner.” Cruz also stressed that Phoenix Mecano is always there when needed, making them a key part of b/i’s efforts to discover opportunities for improvement. He described them saying, “They’re a great group of people, they’re very reliable and attentive folks…They have a great sales and customer service team, and they have facilitated our collaborations… So, whether it’s from their engineering team or any of their other companies, they seem to be available and reliable and quick responders to our needs.” He also shared that in overcoming challenges associated with rapid prototyping and design, Phoenix Mecano has been a trusted ally, providing them with tested solutions.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Cruz is feeling ambitious about the future of b/i’s partnership with Phoenix Mecano saying, “Having reliable partnerships that we can engage early on our projects help us deliver better and more accurate solutions to our clients…and I see ourselves working together in the future and collaborating on more projects.” It’s clear that with each project, Beaudry Interactive looks to implement lessons learned to give the best solutions to their clients quickly. Collaborating with Phoenix Mecano accelerates this process and fuels an ambition to expand the boundaries of experiential design. 

With its proven record of excellence and innovation, Phoenix Mecano is the perfect company for a business to partner with. Reach out to us today to discover how we can work together and elevate your manufacturing processes to propel your business forward.

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