Phoenix Mecano Helps Transform JMF Precision Welding Operations

We recently interviewed Jim French, the founder of JMF Precision Welding, and discussed how Phoenix Mecano’s products allow him to achieve a high level of welding precision with innovative technological solutions.

Specialized Equipment

Every day JMF relies heavily on specialized equipment, including a laser system that was first provided by a German company, Alpha. This system includes a stand with a lifting column and an electric arm, which is essential for keeping a precise focal point during welding processes. Jim told us that without these components his business would cease to exist, highlighting just how important they are to his operations.

Both the lifting column and electric arm suffer significant wear and tear because of how frequently they’re used. Jim explained that the mechanisms inside these columns degrade over time, wear out, and often have to be replaced.

Finding Phoenix Mecano

French recounted how while adjusting them he found a Phoenix Mecano manufacturer’s sticker inside the lifting column. This led him to the German headquarters. They sent him to their US headquarters, and through communication with their Sales Engineer, Alex Smith, Jim purchased updated components and customized them to meet JMF’s specific needs.

Phoenix Mecano: Seamless Operations, Professional, and Responsible

Phoenix Mecano’s support and customer service have been instrumental in permitting the uninterrupted operation of his business. Despite the custom nature of his requirements and the lengthy required manufacturing lead time, Jim told us that he is extremely pleased with how responsive, professional, and helpful Phoenix Mecano’s team is. Their ability to deliver solutions and offer ongoing support has been proven to be indispensable for JMF Precision Welding. It continues to allow Jim to focus on providing high-quality services to his clients. 

Phoenix Mecano’s lifting column and electric arm have proven to be integral to Jim’s operations, and he appreciates the significant value that Phoenix Mecano adds to JMF Precision Welding. He highlighted that significance when he told us that Phoenix Mecano makes it possible for him to stay in business doing what he loves. Forging a strong relationship with Phoenix Mecano, has given him a valuable ally, and their relationship allows Jim to leverage their expertise and support, to seamlessly operate JMF Precision Welding and continue delivering the highest quality of products for his customers.

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