RK Powerlift Bottling Line Adjuster Machine

Innovation Comes In All Shapes & Sizes

The Challenge

This RK Rose+Krieger customer designs and manufactures a variety of height-adjustable bottling lines and converting equipment, mainly for the pharmaceutical and food and beverage Industries. Every product that is manufactured requires height adjustability because the bottles passing through the machine vary in size.

The challenge was to incorporate a strong, durable, electric lifting column to fully support their machine and provide height adjustability.

The Solution

Our RK Powerlift lifting column with internal control was the ideal solution for three reasons: it met the mechanical requirements of the system in regards to thrust and torque; it was ergonomically pleasing to the end user; and it could be easily integrated into their control system.

The Result

The customer initially purchased one of the RK Powerlifts as a prototype. The initial product was a huge success and they are now ordering twenty Powerlifts a year — and using them on all of their machines.

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