SL 4000 HMI Enclosure

Cutting Costs & Lead Times For High Volume Machine Builders

The Challenge

This Enclosure customer is a machine rebuilder that does a high volume of CNC retrofits, service, and repairs. Much of the equipment they work on has been in service for 25 years or more, and most of it contains obsolete electronics. Since their rebuilds are typically one-offs, our customer has had issues finding an off-the-shelf enclosure that fits their needs and space requirements. Another issue: suppliers quoting 16-week lead times and often delivering late.

The Solution

The Phoenix Mecano team visited the customers location in-house, with a full-size sample of a Rose SL4000 enclosure. They were impressed with the design and integrated handles, along with the various depths involved. They were also pleased to find out that we would be building them in-house and with a four week lead time after engineering review.

The Result

The customer placed an initial order for SL4000 enclosures and several suspension arm systems. Since then, we have continued to build on our relationship and orders have almost doubled since.

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